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Marketing Filming

Marketing video. We create simple, focused and compelling explainer videos that tell your story in a matter of seconds.

Videos are the perfect format for explaining your services.

Advertising film
Clover Cut Advertising video

With Xsight media, you have a clear road-map to a successful Corporate Video Production and Corporate Photography right from the start.

What makes a great marketing film? Is it the quality of the video? The scenery in the video or the clarity of the message? Well, we think all three must be perfected to make a great marketing film. Marketing films are meant to sell a particular product or service.

Most people hate having to watch boring marketing video that have no bearing on their current needs or activity. It’s incredibly hard to capture an audience with a typical marketing film.Unless you have a cult following, most people would rather skip your film and watch or do something else that interests them. This is where we come in.

Xsight Media Video Production

At Xsightmedia, we don’t just create a typical marketing film. We take our time to understand how various audiences react to marketing film. Our marketing is meant to pass the message across while entertaining the audience. Thats so we can keep them hooked to the end. We don’t just focus on spectacular scenery and motion. Our marketing films incorporate several elements that will ensure we pass the message and keep viewers from slipping away.

Here are our tried and tested strategies that we can use to make you’re your marketing filming successful;

  • We help you create a robust film marketing plan for success
  • We help you choose you to choose your niche audience
  • We help you draft your marketing filming budget
  • We help you create a winning filming schedule
  • We help you create a robust marketing film promotion plan for success.


A documentary is a great way to narrate a story and sell your business to a broader audience. It is a tried and tested marketing strategy to capture the masses. Giving them a glimpse at the internal works and history of your company/business. We create profoundly engaging and informative documentaries. We do this for all kinds of companies across the UK.

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Xsight media marketing filming production in London is specialise on producing Marketing video for your website, you tub channel and social media. Event Video Production